We are based at Drumoak in the Aberdeenshire Countryside. Contact us by calling:  07759 429685

Case Studies

  • 1930s Steel Stacking Chairs

    A set of 1930s steel stacking chairs came to us with a coating of brown paint. To remove the paint covering we soda blasted the chairs back their bare steel. This specialist process involves blasting bicarbonate of soda at the chairs to remove the paint in a non abrasive fashion leaving the bare metal without pitting and thus ready for traditional polishing methods.
  • Ornate Firedogs

    We were approached by a client to clean with a badly corroded pair of ornate brass firedogs. They were initially placed in an electrolytic cleaning tank and then taken through our three step polishing process. The first step employs a hard mop and large particle abrasives to remove the corroded layer, then a softer mop with smaller abrasive particles to obtain a smoother surface and finally a very soft mop with fine abrasive particles to provide an final polish. The polished surface shine can be preserved by use of a lacquering process if required.

One of our recent projects

Ornate Firedog

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We are based at Drumoak in the Aberdeenshire Countryside.

Contact us by calling: 07759 429685