Vapour Blasting

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Vapour blasting is a process for removing contaminates from a surface ,or finishing a surface using pressurised water and abrasive blast media.

The biggest advantage of vapour blasting is it produces a finer finish on a surface than dry blasting.The water flushes out the abrasive, so there is no impregnation of the blast surface.This leaves a cleaner surface.

Vapour blasting lends itself to a wide variety of uses Automotive, Motorcycle etc.

Vapour blasting is a natural choice for cleaning grease, rust, factory coatings or other contaminates from old motorcycle parts. The cleaning and stripping process goes quickly with vapour blasting and the finish is much softer. Aluminium, chrome or steel surfaces have a satin finish at the end of the process.

Below are some examples of articles we have used this special method on.

We are based at Drumoak in the Aberdeenshire Countryside.

Contact us by calling: 07759 429685