Soda Blasting

We are based at Drumoak in the Aberdeenshire Countryside. Contact us by calling:  07759 429685


Soda blasting is a eco friendly gentle way of removing paint, oil, grease, soot  -  just about anything  -  from metal, wood, brick, stone etc. The great thing about soda blasting is that it does not damage the surface being cleaned.  

We use it a lot for cleaning old paint off motorbike engines, car panels or any mechanical parts. Because it is not abrasive and water soluble there is no chance of any internal engine damage.

We also use it a lot for cleaning paint of antique fire places with wooden surrounds as it does not harm the wood.

Soda blasting is also a great way of restoring wood back to its former glory without dipping it in nasty chemicals.

So if you have any painted metal, wood or stone needing stripped we would be happy to give you a price for the job.

Below are some examples of articles we have used this eco friendly method on.

We are based at Drumoak in the Aberdeenshire Countryside.

Contact us by calling: 07759 429685