Metal Polishing

We are based at Drumoak in the Aberdeenshire Countryside. Contact us by calling:  07759 429685


The first step in our metal polishing process employs a hard mop and large particle abrasives to remove the top oxidised or corroded layer, followed by softer mop with smaller abrasive particles to obtain a smoother surface and then a very soft mop with fine abrasive particles to provide an final polish.

The polished surface shine can be preserved by use of a lacquering process if required.

For different metals we use slightly different mops. If the metal has paint or rust on it we would start by the electrolytic cleaning tank or soda blaster depending on the metal and then move on to the polishing process.

Below are some examples of articles we have used this traditional method on.


We are based at Drumoak in the Aberdeenshire Countryside.

Contact us by calling: 07759 429685